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✎ Tuesday, Mar 03, 2020

The invisible man "When Terror at Home"

Elisabeth Moss, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Harriet Dyer, The Invisible Man

Where Can I Watch The Invisible Man (2020) Movie

In a glazed fortress on the coast of San Francisco, Cecilia (Elizabeth Moss) opens her eyes. The meticulous plan that occupies his mind includes the perfect escape from the clutches of Adrian Griffin (Oliver Jackson-Cohen), a genius of optics who has it controlled in his abode. He is not a stranger or a kidnapper, but his partner, a sociopath who cultivates a subtle and suffocating violence. It is that fear of the near and imperceptible the initial clue that the Australian Leigh Whannell chooses for his gaze on a world of power and oppression.

Barely inspired by the classic of HG Wells and openly nourished by domestic horror stories such as Luz de Gas (1944), the new Invisible Man reverses the point of view of the original, anchored in the mad scientist who longs to control the world, to continue to his victim, prisoner of silence and empty spaces, cornered by threats in which no one believes.

Beyond certain visual effects and some excesses in the narrative turns of the end, Whannell manages to disturb from accurate camera movements that take the spectator's empathy to the imperative of sighting the incomprehensible. The film tenses the imaginary of the abused woman between the memory of the revenge stories of the 70s, the analog aesthetic of the thrillers of the 90s and a new search, focused on the extraordinary expressions of Elizabeth Moss, who lets us see a horror where we could only imagine it.

United States | Australia, 2020 | Direction: Leigh Whannell | Screenplay: Leigh Whannell, according to the novel by HG Wells | Photography: Stefan Duscio | Editing: Andy Canny | Cast: Elizabeth Moss, Aldis Hodge, Storm Reid, Oliver Jackson- Cohen, Michael Dorman | Distributor: IPU | Duration: 124 minutes | Qualification: suitable for over 16 years | Our opinion: good

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