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What is Building Information Modeling And BIM Outsourcing?

What is Building Information Modeling?

BIM - is an intelligent model-based process for the digital planning, construction, implementation and management of construction sites . Building Information Modeling is about more than just creating digital 2D or 3D models. The BIM model uses existing geometries and data. All views are based on common information. Planners, civil engineers and contractors can access the project. Building Information Modeling is a process that focuses on a 3D model. For architects, engineers and building owners, tangible benefits can be achieved in streamlining workflows.        

Building Information Modeling allows the right people to serve all the companies involved by providing the right information at the right time. The BIM model-driven approach is more effective and shows its strengths when coordinated processing in day-to-day project work.  

Why should I use BIM?

The digital display of a BIM model is the central data model of a building or project. The building information modeling model includes all architectural, technical, physical and functional properties. In Ideally, all involved design companies are working on the same building information model. BIM brings business benefits to companies of all sizes. At any given time, visualizations and collision displays indicate potential problems and can be identified and corrected early in the planning phase.        

A complete record of all building data in a BIM model enables reliable predictions of the building's construction and operating costs. This way, data is already stored during the planning phase, for example which flooring and window types are used. All data can later be transferred to the software for the management of the object and used purposefully.      

Building information modeling in the future and bim outsourcing

Until now, building information models have mainly been used in large-scale projects with a project size of over 25 million euros. However, about 83% of designers and architects are familiar with the BIM method, but only about 8% use it regularly. Users who are already using BIM holistically acknowledge improved project control as well as streamlined costing. It has also been proven that communication is better and more transparent in the planning and construction process. 

Building Information Modeling Conclusion

Building Information Modeling is the process that records all building data from planning to construction, operation and demolition. The entire life of a building is documented, expanded and updated with BIM. BIM is an effective method of implementing future construction projects in a wide variety of industries. The trend towards cloud usage will continue. The first step is, of course, a unified exchange format such as IFC ( Industry Foundation Classes ), which is constantly evolving under the auspices of .    

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