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Multiplayer Battlefield 1

The article is dedicated to battlefield 1 review for me personally, it was the most anticipated game of the year. All hopes have come true, and even more so - I want to use the worn-out cliché "exceeding expectations" and other words of delight and joy ...

You come to the world of Battlefield 1 like to your home. A huge map, capturing flags, a bunch of very different equipment, a relatively calm, comfortable game for a sniper - unlike CoD, there is where to hide and sit out the return fire - in general, when you run out for the first time, everything seems familiar. Even cozy. But after a couple of minutes you realize that the world of the First World War is cruel. At the point where you and your platoon colleagues are conveniently located for capture, first a gas grenade, then an anti-tank grenade arrives, guttural voices are heard from somewhere, you put on a gas mask, change your position, panting - and then a "suitcase" flies from above. Relocation. Panting, you enter again. You run to the bunker and you cannot open the door, because it turns out that they can be locked on the other side! While you are trying to figure it out, there is a scream from behind, and a bayonet stabs into your back with a crunch. Relocation. You are reborn in an airplane, in the pilot's seat, and you watch an airship turn around nearby - while you look with your mouth open, you are literally knocked down from heaven to earth by an anti-aircraft gun. Yes, this world is familiar only at first glance. In fact, it is full of discoveries. I have not forgotten yet - no problems with playing over the network in terms of speed, requirements for connection, everything is fast, no problems and no lags.

You play and remember the wave of negative reviews, people predicted in advance that the game will fail, failure - how is it, World War I, trenches and rifles, slow scary tanks, biplanes and triplanes - how to play it? I think the game exceeded all expectations. The weapons of the First World War did not affect the speed, in some modes you try to reload a submachine gun or a rifle, then you give up this bad job and learn to operate with a pistol and various edged weapons, sapper shovels, batons, knives are used, and the fight here reminds knife servers are still in the old games of the series. Let me remind you that it was forbidden to use any weapon except knives or pistols - for the sake of possessing a precious badge, people were ready to run with a knife after the enemy in the hope of stinging. From the outside, it all looked funny and somewhat reminiscent of wall-to-wall battles in Russia. In Battlefield 1, you throw a grenade towards the enemy, shoot, everything seems to be decent, but close, with close contact, it is easier to use a spiked baton than the MP18. Shotguns are widespread and generally good, but melee weapons still have to be used much more often than in BF4.

So far, my favorite is the Stormtrooper class. To open the coveted water-cooled PP "Helrigel", you need to fight for a long time. After all, in addition to titles, there are also levels of specialties, in order to raise the level, you just need to spend time playing in this or that class. Instead of the usual, it is better to use gas grenades. They work as a kind of "fence" in lanes or near flags - enemies lose health, accurate aiming does not work in a gas mask, if a grenade flies into a crowd and enemies are keen on shooting, there is a great chance to take out several opponents at once. Glasses run like that! To combat vehicles, you can use anti-tank grenades (by the way, against infantry too), but the anti-tank rifle works much more interestingly. You can shoot only from a prone position (or by placing the bipod on a windowsill or parapet), you understand, you still need to lie down somewhere, aim, shoot, reload - and so that you don't get killed! The problem is still. Over time, you open up interesting capabilities of a PT-gun, for example, you can shoot at snipers or simply at infantry, you just need to take a lead. Advice - if there is a sniper in the window, just shoot at the building, do not try to hit it exactly. The wall is collapsing, mass murder, the action resembles an under-barrel grenade launcher, only it is easier to aim. I also really like using field guns, they are placed here and there on the maps, so when the points pass from you to the enemy, the gun has to be turned. But it's worth it! Even if it's a slow reloading (with very cool animation), you can cover several opponents, destroy a building, seriously damage a tank and be protected from bullets. By the way, even a shot from a tank gun does not immediately disable the weapon. The "antiaircraft guns" still have very high damage against aircraft, literally in a few seconds it is possible to shoot down an airplane. Large and slow bombers are particularly affected. The most goofy technique is the coastal guns found on a couple of maps. A small overview, incomprehensible damage, it seems like it is impossible to miss a direct fire, but sometimes it happens. But if he hit, then the tank almost immediately the Khan.

There is an iPhone application for the BF series games, which I installed in the early days of playing on a console. There you can see the progress, make an emblem, there are several other interesting functions. I installed it, tried to log in, and it turned out that the password did not work. Ok, I dropped it, entered a new one, it turned out that the confirmation code would be sent to some strange phone, I never had such a number. In general, the Electronic Arts account was hijacked for some reason. In the morning I found the EA support phone number, called, not expecting anything good. One manager listened to me first. Switched to another. Waiting time is about one minute. Then I was offered to read the letter sent to the mail, perform some actions, and after that I was able to log into my account and change everything. It turned out that some teenager from the United Arab Emirates was doing his best here, the question was why - I didn't have anything useful in my account. Well, respect to EA support, as they say, everything is very fast and professional. You can also use the web interface to customize the equipment, well, do not forget that not only the weapons for the class are configured, but also the equipment used.

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