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Simple Tips to Make Your Paper Longer

Students have all kinds of tips and tricks for do my essay longer - typing extra words in white to make the word count longer, enlarging fonts, and using fonts that require more spacing. Unfortunately for students, most teachers are on to these sorts of tactics. If you've got to make a word or page count, there are a number of simple ways to enlarge your paper without sacrificing the integrity of your work.

Introductions and conclusions
Every good story has a beginning, middle, and an end. Papers and essays are no different. To make your paper lengthier, make sure you're including a well-thought-out introduction that identifies your thesis statement. You'll want to review where your paper is going (and stick with it) and introduce important concepts.

Once you've written the middle of your paper, it's time to think about your conclusion. For many students, it is tempting to simply write "In conclusion, I ..." - but that is but a sentence! Good conclusions require some serious thinking. While they shouldn't introduce new information, they should review the meat of the paper and may even suggest an action going forward.

Get quotable
An easy way to make your paper longer and better is to add relevant quotations. While a Mark Twain quote may not be applicable to a paper on soldering, there is probably a fair amount of material that is quotable. Choose anecdotes and quotations carefully, allowing them to support your larger thesis.

Quote from a variety of sources and ensure that they are all useful and academic. Quote real people where applicable, and remember that quotes for some offbeat or less-than-common topics may not be available through your academic database. Choose sources with care.

Think about paragraph structure
In a college essay, a paragraph should be more than just a short grouping of sentences. In each, you should include a topic sentence, a few sentences of evidence, and a sentence that transitions or concludes that paragraph. If you do this for each paragraph, your paper should be better (and, as a result, longer) in no time at all!

Begin by outlining your paragraphs so you're working from a framework. Then, it won't seem like ideas are merely unnecessary additions to your longer essay.

Consider alternate points of view
Good papers often address the point they're trying to make by taking down the competition. If you're looking to add a little bit of length to your paper, try adding a few paragraphs in which you address arguments against yours. Summarize opposing arguments and then present your own alternatives. By doing this, you'll present a paper that is thorough and displays a depth of knowledge. While you should be careful to avoid coming across as argumentative, presenting more than one viewpoint can reinforce the strength of your evidence.

Most importantly, remember that teachers know the easy ways to make a paper longer and they'll likely dock points for students who choose to make papers longer the easy way. When you focus instead on writing a good, thorough paper, you'll find that you easily meet minimum length requirements.

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