Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously To Achieve Your Goals

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Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously To Achieve Your Goals

Instagram is among the most popular social network services that can definitely be considered to be playing a major role in our daily life. Through Instagram stories, we can express ourselves and share to the world our daily activities by uploading a photo or a video. There are plenty of moments when you really want to save a copy of any these Instagram stories because they become automatically unavailable after 1 day. Next, if these are not saved or archived, they'll be gone permanently. Unfortunately, the functionality of keeping stories on Instagram is not accessible. This content will show you how to prevent losing memories you posted on Instagram. There are several strategies to assist you.

Download Instagram Stories in One Video
You will be guided here on the best way to save all the stories you created in a day. These will be saved as one Instagram story video. You'll then have this video at your disposal if you want it, although this does mean that all your stories are clustered together in a single file. Finding the part of the event you wish to watch later may take some time as you need to locate for it on the timeline. Still, this is a lot better than nothing.

Let’s begin by opening web Instagram and head to your feed. On the top left part, you will find “Your Story” icon. After clicking that icon, 3 small dots can be seen. Tap it to see more options. There are choices available. Pick the “Save” option and simply click “Save Story” afterward. Have patience as video rendering will take some time. You will view the video afterwards your Camera Roll..

Instagram Stories Individually
This strategy is the exact opposite of the above approach. Not like the previous technique, here, you will have the freedom of saving a certain part of your Instagram Stories. For instance, this could mean saving just a single selfie or just your favorite moment instead of downloading every single post that you made for the entire day. These 2 strategies have almost similarities on how to do it. The options to pick on the latter part is where they differ. Rather than selecting "Save Story", pick the "Save Video" option. You will then have your single clip saved in your Photos or Camera Roll.

Downloading Stories Using Other Instagram User's Account
We do not care whatever your own reasons are for downloading Instagram stories making use of other accounts. The procedure involved is simple to follow, just simply make use of third party sites. These websites have the same purpose and mechanics. You only have to pick the site that you are comfy using.

Here's how to download using a third party website
Copy first the username or the profile link (depending on what's required by the website) of the owner of the Instagram Stories you wanted to download. Open one of the chosen 3rd party websites. Then, you'll find the stories uploaded by your chosen Instagram user, from which you will select the particular story you want the save. Upon choosing, simply click and choose "Save link as" then select the destination folder of your choice to save on it your personal computer.

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