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People who visited Playa del Carmen, about an hour south of Cancun, 15 years ago will arrive to Fifth Avenue - the main downtown shopping and dining pedestrian road - and think, "Wow, this isn't the same place I saw back then!"

The truth is a lot has changed, and these changes are to the benefit of Playa del Carmen real estate buyers. Consider the following changes:

Large varietyin new condos, homes and gated communities. With the boom in Playa del Carmen that took place at the beginning of the decade, many new options have turned up in real estate. You as a buyer can choose between traditional-style homes, upscale gated communities, renovation projects, beachfront condos and much more. You can also buy downtown, or in the resort-like communities out along the beachfront.

New shopping options. The city's second Walmart just opened in early December 2010, and there about 7 similar stores to choose from. There are also 2 new malls. Fifth Avenue is more than twice as long as it was back then, and offers Avenue south residence price list many more little shops, as well as an excellent variety of restaurants.

World-class health care.15 years ago there was just a small downtown clinic, with a few private doctors' offices. Now there is a large, modern hospital with state of the art equipment. A second hospital of this sort is on the way. There is also a brand-new public insurance hospital, which also offers service for non-Mexicans, and another general hospital on the way. There are also a variety of small specialist practices and clinics.

Large expat community. Over the past decade, thousands of Americans, Canadians and Europeans have chosen Playa del Carmen as home, and many more come just for the winter, or on vacations. This presence makes it easier for residents to enjoy life in Mexico, with the comfort of having neighbors from back home.

A taste of Italy. After Americans, the largest group of expats who have arrived are Italians. This group made its mark on the town, with the development of a somewhat European flavor which distinguishes it from other beachfront resort communities.

More flight options.With more tourists arriving, there are many more flight options from the nearby Cancun International Airport, with direct flights to most North American destinations, and an increasing number of discount airlines offering service as well.

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