How to Prevent Cork Flooring

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How to Prevent Cork Flooring

Cork flooring has a history....some of our homes back in the 60's had cork flooring in them and were considered a pretty far out, (to use a 60's vernacular), flooring choice! Of course, over time they faded out of popularity both figuratively and literally...I'm not certain, but I suspect we didn't really know how to service them properly or didn't have the chemicals available then that have been invented today!

Initial Maintenance isn't something that most folks are familiar with. Unless perhaps, you have purchased fabric chairs, or leather couches wherein you may have purchased a product like Scotchguard or a Leather Maintenance kit for preventative or initial maintenance. Initial maintenance is a term used in the home flooring business mainly for hardwood, laminate, cork and bamboo flooring.

After you purchase your Cork Flooring and have it installed, you should absolutely perform Initial Maintenance. Once you have deep cleaned it, (remove all the factory dirt and grime), and protect and seal it, your new Cork floor will be much easier to keep clean, will have an enriched and beautiful shine on it, and will prevent it from being damaged easily

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