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Application and development of fire engineering systems in fire fighting technology

Currently, many public places in my country only have fire alarm systems. As a rule, when a fire occurs, there is only an alarm function, but no automatic fire extinguishing function. Even if the fire brigade arrives, the fire at this point is already very great oh , that does not contribute to further work on fire-fighting and causing more damage. In case of economic losses and accidents, the use of automatic sprinkler systems can have both an alarm function and a fire extinguishing function, which is of great practical importance.

Although the technology of sprinkler systems in western developed countries is relatively advanced, the application of sprinkler system technology has not yet been achieved due to the late introduction in my country. In terms of fire incidents in buildings, out of 321 fires investigated by relevant personnel, 78 cases of sprinkler systems were used , accounting for 24.3%, and 43 firefighting cases were successful, accounting for 55.1%, which is much less than in developed countries. West. Thus, research on automatic sprinkler systems still needs urgent improvement.  

Application of technology of automatic sprinkler systems in fire fighting technology

Application status

The automatic sprinkler system is an economical, practical, safe and reliable extinguishing agent. In terms of scope and technical standards, back in 2002, my country issued the Fire Code for Buildings and other amendments, which emphasized that public places such as entertainment, screenings, entertainment, song and dance, and underground buildings must be equipped with automatic sprinkler systems. 


Nowadays, there are countless cases of fire suppression using an automatic sprinkler system. Research and statistics from the American NFPA show that the use of automatic sprinkler systems in buildings can reduce mortality by about 1 / 3-2 / 3 and reduce property damage by about 1 / 2-2 / 3. The system has a low cost, which is about 1 % of the total project cost -3%. 


Application of an automatic sprinkler system in non-storage rooms with large free areas

Nowadays, in my country, there are suddenly high and large clean spaces that do not look like warehouses, and the number of such terminal buildings, as well as conference and exhibition centers, is constantly increasing. Five automatic sprinkler systems are commonly used here.


Thus, fire engineering plays a very important role in modern fire protection technology. Experimental studies have shown that a sprinkler system can provide sufficient evacuation time for fugitives and protect the concrete structure of a building from compression. Durability to avoid accidents. rapid collapse. It is believed that with continuous improvement and application of technology and an increase in the scope of its application, it will be able to effectively reduce the likelihood of fires and protect the safety of life and property of people.  


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