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What are the causes and treatments of breast cancer?

When new cells are needed, the body's cells divide. Tumours form when cells in a specific part of the body expand and divide uncontrollably, generates a mass of tissue. Normal cells that have grown out of control are benign tumours. Malignant tumours are those cells that are developing out of control and behave abnormally. Breast cancer develops in the breast tissue. Similar to other cancers, it can enter and expand into surrounding tissues. Consult a Gynaecologist in Patna to know about the risk factors and the measures to decrease the risk of breast cancer.

Causes of breast cancer

Exactly what causes breast cancer is a mystery. However, some risk factors increase the risk of breast cancer.

History of reproduction: It has been shown that early menstruation before age 12 and starts to menopause beyond age 55 exposes women to hormones for long periods and increases their chance of developing breast cancer.

  • Dense breast: A dense breast has more fibrous tissue and glandular and less fat. A dense-breasted woman has a greater chance of developing breast cancer.
  • Previous history of breast cancer: If you've already had breast cancer before, there is a higher chance of getting it again. 

Treatments of breast cancer

  • Surgery: It removes the malignant part of the breast and the normal tissue surrounding the tumour while attempting to maintain the breast's natural appearance.
  • Lumpectomy: The tumour and the tiny quantity of healthy tissue around the tumour are removed in lumpectomy. It prevents the spread of cancer to other tissues. 
  • Chemotherapy: If there is an excessive danger of spread, a gynaecologist prescribes cytotoxic chemotherapy medications to kill cancer cells. 

The gynaecologists of the Diwya Vatsalya Mamta Fertility Centre are dedicated to eliminating breast cancer through extensive screening processes. Consult with the best gynaecologists about how to lower the risk of breast cancer.

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