Explaining the Key Aspects of Foam Injection Molding Process

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Explaining the Key Aspects of Foam Injection Molding Process

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The availability of advanced equipment and automated machinery has made it much easier to build high-end plastic parts at a very reasonable manufacturing cost. Today, injection molding is considered to be the best manufacturing method for the production of plastic parts on a large scale. It is undoubtedly a reliable alternative to build strong and durable plastic parts without an error. It is all possible because of automated machinery, which eliminates the chances of human errors.

Here, we are talking about the Foam Injection Molding, which is basically used for the production of lightweight plastic parts with a very good strength. The process is very similar to conventional plastic injection molding methods, with two major differences.

How is Foam Injection Molding Different from Traditional Molding Methods?

First is that low-pressure is used for the injecting the melted polymer into the mold and the second is that an inert gas or a chemical blowing agent is also mixed with the melted polymer before injecting it into the mold. As a result, the products built through this method have a foam-like core instead of being completely solid. But the outer walls remain thick and solid, which is why the end products are strong but not too heavy. Usually, plastic parts built through Foam Injection Molding are 10-30% light-weighted compared to the products built through traditional molding.


Key Aspects or Main Characteristics of Foam Injection Molding

There are many advantages of Foam Injection Molding over traditional injection molding methods. To save time, we are here mentioning the most significant attributes of this manufacturing method.


  • Unarguably the best choice for the production of plastic parts with a very high strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Due to low-pressure used for the injection process, there are no sink marks on the end products. Hence, there’s no need to invest money on additional surface finishing.
  • Low-pressure injection molding allows you to use aluminum molds, which are very much cheaper than steel molds. Thus, it is suitable even for small-scale production because of lower initial tooling cost.
  • Faster production cycle due to aluminum molds, as aluminum offers better heat transfer.
  • Due to low density of the products, the overall manufacturing cost can be minimized in the form of resin saving.


These are the key characteristics of Foam Injection Molding, making it a reliable manufacturing method

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