Watch This Before You See Men In Black: International

by Looper
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What do you need to know before you jump into the MIB's next chapter? How will Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson take to the black suits? Will we get to see Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones rock the Ray Bans in this one? We've got a primer to get you ready for Men in Black: International.

Beyond New York

Based on what we can gather from the trailers, it appears that Tessa Thompson's character is Agent M, a new recruit sent to partner alongside Chris Hemsworth's Agent H to crack a murder mystery and prevent a new alien threat. Thompson's character seems to get her start with the Men In Black by discovering their New York City headquarters before being dispatched to the organization's London outpost.

Although the film is international, it's important that the movie begins in NYC. After all, the city was essentially a main character in the original film. Barry Sonnenfeld, director of Men in Black, made sure that the movie was set in the Big Apple, as part of a joke that New Yorkers would barely notice alien life living among them.

In the first movie, Agent K tells Agent J that the MIB in New York was created right before alien visitors arrived on our planet just outside New York in the sixties.

"Everyone thought the agency was a joke except the aliens who made contact March 2, 1961 outside New York."

However, the upcoming movie takes place all over the world, with the production shooting in England, Morocco, and Italy. These are countries that are obviously far older than the United States, and may reveal a deeper history of aliens on planet Earth than the earlier movies let on.

Where are J & K?

When word got out Men in Black: International was on the way, the big question on everyone's mind was whether we would see Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones back in the saddle. In the film's trailer, fans are treated to a J and K Easter egg. A painting on the wall depicts Smith's Agent J and Jones' Agent K fighting the insectoid alien from the first movie. But will the characters themselves make a cameo in the new film? The initial word was that Smith and Jones would not participate. Since then, however, some comments from director F. Gary Gray have led to speculation that we could see a cameo from the original duo. All we can do is hope. Make sure you watch this before you see Men in Black: International!



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